AHELT-J Underwater Drone with 4K Camera (328ft/64G) (4K)

Price: $2,347.66
(as of Nov 18,2020 18:13:27 UTC – Details)

1/1.8-inch CMOS Clearer Underwater World

AHELT-J 4K Zoom is equiped with a 1/1.8″ sensor and F1.4 large aperture ,30% increase in the light-transmitting than 1/2.3″ lens sensor.Captures 4K UHD video and 12 megapixel photos.

Enhanced Image Stabilization

Image stabilization technology smooths underwater video shooting and delivers professional image quality.

±45° Pitch for Up or Down Viewing

By using four bidirectional thrusters the AHELT-J can shoot and travel with pitch angles of up to ±45°,This range of motion creats more flexibility and opportunities to capture stunning videos and still images.

Greater Stability is Achieved by Being Powered by Four Thrusters

Two horizontal thrusters in the rear and two vertical thrusters in the front and back.By using the symmetrical structure design the machine is able to move vertically at a speed of 1.5m/s.

330FT Depth Range Opens a New World to Explore beyond Sport Scuba Depth

The AHELT-J is constructed for super highpressure and corrosion resistance it can dive to 330 FT below.Real-time image can show you the underwater world through mobile phone and othe devices.

Remote control by APP with Real-time Preview

The APP can remotely control the ROV for maneuvering and shooting in real-time through a mobile phone or ipad.

Intelligent Auto-adjusting Lighting

Dual LED lights in the front automatically adjust the brightness to compensate for changes in natural sunlight.

1/1.7-Inch CMOS Clearer Underwater World.
Enhanced Image Stabilization&±45° Pitch For Up or Down Viewing.
Intelligent Auto-adjusting Lighting.
Greater Stability is Achieved by Being Powered by Four Thrusters.
9600mAh Battery Provides Extendeded Dive Time.

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