DJI Cendence Remote Controller

The Cendence remote controller is an expert evaluation, adjustable remote controller intended for full joining with other progressed DJI items like the Inspire 2 and CrystalSky screen

Cendence offers particular segments and controls that understand the maximum capacity of Inspire 2 applications. It gives up to five simple control channels with more than ten adaptable catches, improving generally control productivity. Its plan offers reception apparatus compatibility where a high-acquire receiving wire can enlarge the force of DJI Lightbridge innovation, essentially expanding generally hostile to impedance and picture quality. Cendence accompanies the completely incorporated Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket and HDMI, SDI, USB, and CAN port give vigorous extension abilities.

Multi-Drone Compatibility

Flexible and Efficient Design

Customizable Buttons

Customizable Buttons

Dials, Levers & Knobs

The two knobs on the front board control gimbal pitch and yaw, and the right/left switches and Focus Adjustment Knob used to tune flight regulator settings and the gimbal camera continuously, permitting you to pull center and set gap.

Camera Settings

For quick camera changes, you can modify a few shortcut buttons for specific gatherings of settings, or save every now and again utilized setting.

Custom Control

Customizable buttons can rapidly empower or impair every now and again utilized capacities like center cresting, shading waveform, impediment shirking, and home point resetting. They can likewise close alerts and tips mid-flight, all without utilizing an application.

Button Combinations

Rotate the dials or flip the right/left switches while holding certain catches to control gimbal move, shade speed, or ISO.

The CrystalSky screen mounts to the Cendence remote controller through the Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket. The Cendence remote controller’s radio wires, PCB, mounting section, and battery are generally separable, making its equipment effectively upgradeable, permitting you to modify the controller for similarity with future DJI airplanes.





At the point when accuracy camera control is required, Cendence can interface either as a Primary or Secondary controller with Inspire 2’s distant controller or another Cendence far-off controller.

1. HDMI and SDI ports support broadcasting at 720p 60 fps and 1080i 50 fps.
2. CAN port for Connect DJI Focus and other compatible accessories
3. USBA port for the connectivity with other mobile devices

Dual-Frequency Directional Antennas

Cendence’s overhauled fix radio wire altogether expands acquire, guaranteeing excellent video transmission at up to 10 Mbps inside 4 km. Expanded increase likewise broadens the maximum transmission distance from 7 km to 10 km, guaranteeing a more steady sign transmission, smoother control, and by and large upgraded security.

Additionally, the receiving wire sends signals a particular way, which viably decreases obstruction from different bearings and makes transmission considerably more steady and solid.

Battery system

The Cendence remote controller utilizes a separable battery that works for as long as four hours. On the off chance that you run out of force,

simply trade in a charged battery or charge Cendence through the force port. Cendence utilizes similar batteries as the CrystalSky screen for improved item collaboration.

Multiple Accessories

The Cendence Support Rig handles a piece of the regulator’s weight, making it simpler to hold for broadened timeframes. Control Stick Covers keep earth and residue from entering the two sticks, guaranteeing smooth and solid control. The Interchangeable Mobile Device Holder allows you to join a telephone or tablet rather than a CrystalSky screen.


DJI Cendence is currently compatible with Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series aircraft.

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