GoPro Hero 8 Black Review

The GoPro HERO8 Black has new highlights that will enormously upgrade your video content. The camera accompanies a few video modes including TimeWarp 2.0, which enables you to take stable time-pass recordings.

Is GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?

In fact, simply its image stabilization includes alone makes it a standout amongst other activity cameras available. Notwithstanding, in the event, that you are a vlogger or invest a ton of energy conversing with the camera, at that point the forward-looking mouthpiece and discretionary Media Mod, Light Mod, and Display Mod embellishments make the GoPro HERO 8 well worth buying

Best for 4K Capture

Our Rating 4.5 


What Are the New Features?

My review about the GoPro HERO 8 Black shows that there have been various enormous updates over the HERO 7, making it the best activity camera for the venture to every part of the organization has at any point delivered. Some of the new and major features of the GoPro HERO 8 Black are blow:-

TimeWarp 2.0 this feature allows you to switch between hyper-lapse mode and real-time simply by tapping the screen during recording. Unedited video using TimeWarp, auto settings.

HyperSommth 2.0 Image Stablization  This features made GoPro Back at the top to the best action camera for travel.

LiveBurst This features made GoPro Back at the top to the best action camera for travel. This is a special feature in our review, it much simpler and accurate shoot a very fast series of shots in a 3 seconds video, through the sequence frame by frame we can highlight the exact moment that you want to keep

Video Presets : gives you a huge range of options to choose the best shots of your adventures. 4K linear,4K wide, 1080p at 240FPS, or 2.7k at 120FPS in the old GoPro changing settings was a time-consuming task. but in GoPro 8 it’s just with a simple click.

Night Laps Videos: allow you should simply set and fail to remember when attempting to catch a night pass scene, and your video will be made at that moment.

GoPro Hero 8
New Look

GoPro Hero 8 Mods

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