Gopro hero 9 vs Insta360 Go 2

Both cameras have terribly spectacular video stabilization options, with all 360-degree and linear videos fluid and extremely straightforward to look at. On the linear video, the Insta360 One R streaks ahead; its ingenuous and native 4K quality video is, again and again, additional spectacular than the GoPro goop 360's low resolution captures

Which is better GoPro or Insta360 Go2?

If we talk about which is better GoPro or Insta360 Go 2, so GoPro Hero 9 black $399 on ABC the new Insta360 Go2 world’s smallest stabilized action camera it’s about $100 cheaper at $300 now save the obvious right up front there’s no way that the Insta360 Go2 is going to beat the GoPro 9 in all areas that’s just unrealistic,

However, In this article we’re gonna find how close how small of a gap are the differences between the two and maybe is it worthwhile for you to go with the go over the Go Pro Okay, that’s enough of the goes that  Insta360 Go2 has unique features like it’s Uber small and portable size as magnetic mounts for hands-free POV shots. There’s this charging case it’s also a hands-free remote. They pack a ton of punch inside this tiny package and it has unique benefits over a traditional GoPro

Which action camera is best?

GoPro Hero9 Black

Best for 5K Capture

Our Rating:

Ultra-Compact Action Camera

Our Rating:


Image Quality

In this article we comparison 5k on the GoPro 9 This is the 1440p on the Go 2 from Insta 360 right off the  bat of course 5k is sharper and has that better clarity over the 2560 by 1440x ports on the Go 2

As for exposures and colors they both look pretty similar now surprise when sometimes the dynamic range on the Insta360 Go2 actually looked better than the GoPro

Go 2 is 80 megabits per second GoPro is 100 megabits per second. I really prefer that wider field of view on the Insta360 Go2, which helps create that immersive perspective for the viewer

Audio Comparison​

In the audio test the GoPro 9 sounds better they have three onboard microphones whereas the Insta360 Go2 only has one on top, but the sounds great when it’s snapped onto that magnetic pendant for POV shot since your voice box is right there.

However, when the cameras placed farther out, it’s a bit quiet, though honestly it’s really close to sounding good I heard with some future firmware updates is going to get even better, when zipping around on the cycle board my eyes sort of prefers the Insta360 Go2 side

GoPro’s crushing those blacks just way too much the colors and overall dynamic range just look better on the Insta360 side

Extra cost for wide Lens?

GoPro 9 with Max lens mod that costs an extra $100 for wide angle horizon leveling that Insta360 Go2 has this feature built right into Pro mode and keep in mind that the GoPro needs to step down to 2.7k closer resolution to the Insta360 Go2

4K Linear Mode

switching to the 4k linear on GoPro and linear on the Insta360 Go2 it’s my favorite field of view to use by the way to remove that fisheye effect and helps keep those lines straight which makes it feel a bit more cinematic

GoPro Freezing Bugs

Oh did I mention freezing and bugs on the GoPro it’s frozen on me at least three different times when recording just this video?
Insta360 Go2 it’s not even on Final firmware and it runs way more reliable. Oh, What did you see that the GoPro just stopped recording on me I didn’t buy voice control tell it to stop after the fact of recording when recording in Pro mode.

Auto Speed Ramp

Both cameras record really nice stabilize hyper lapses and I love the variable auto speed ramp setting on the GoPro 9, however The Insta360 Go2 we can actually change the speed after recording both faster or slower on different parts of the clip it’s really fun to play with

Shoot in low light

ow light video is  just hilarious the Insta360 Go2 actually looks way better than the GoPro I was crazy surprised here. Now my best guess is supposedly they have the same sensor size, but GoPros may be packing at higher quantity of pixels and so possibly those pixels are smaller whereas in the pixels on the Insta360 Go2 are larger which help and low light may be similar concept of that of the a seven s three. Either way really fascinating results snapping a few photos

Tiny Insta360 Go2 do more

I just love the tiny and portable size of this Insta360 Go2 it’s lightweight and easy to mount almost anywhere. There’s magnets which I always love hands free POV shots. The charge case is so well designed. There’s the built in tripod legs wireless Bluetooth remote, it’s intuitive and just fun to shoot with the Insta 360 app and editing is way better than the GoPro there’s even AI editing for auto cutting montages for you.


Now on the other side of the fence GoPro Hero 9 has all those great shooting modes and resolution options. There’s dual screens. But surely GoPro has that crispy 5K  and plenty of its own unique benefits.

keeping price tag in mind $499 for the GoPro, then another 100 for the max lens mount if you want that horizon leveling, or $299.00 for the Insta360 Go2 I love to see the landscape of action cameras expanding and honestly I give a big kudos to Insta 360.

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