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Zenmuse Z30

Aerial stages are quickly turning out to be essential businesses are looking to more effectively gather data for their tasks. As previously the aerial camera with an optical zoom up to 30x and advanced up to 6x, the Zenmuse Z30 offers unmatched picture information catch.

Zenmuse H20 Series

Multi-sensor Zenmuse H20 Series payloads that carry entirely different importance to mission productivity. The unique and incorporated plan gives uncommon elevated imaging abilities to a scope of business drone applications.

Zenmuse P1

The Zenmuse P1 incorporates a full-frame sensor with compatible fixed-center focal points around a 3-pivot settled gimbal. Intended for photogrammetry flight missions, it takes productivity and exactness to an unheard-of level.

Zenmuse L1

The Zenmuse X7 replaces the Zenmuse X5, itself a couple of years old. The speed of advancement in the drone and related ventures is faltering, to a great extent on account of DJI. The Chinese organization has an improvement plan that sees a steady stream of updates. Its association with Hasselblad has given it an especially decent viewpoint on the imaging space, and now DJI is attempting to propel its camera improvement at that equivalent quick speed.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro Hexacopter

The Matrice 600 Pro revolves around DJI's high-level A3 Pro flight control regulator with triple excess. It joins the Lightbridge 2 framework for HD goal, low-idleness observing by means of SDI, HDMI, and USB yields on the regulator. For camera support, the Matrice 600 works with Zenmuse Z15 arrangement gimbals, the Ronin-MX gimbal, and the Zenmuse X Series gimbal/camera crossovers.

Matrice 200 Series V2

The as of late delivered Matrice 200 is an ideal illustration of DJI's venture into new and different enterprises. While many drone producers are centered around minimal effort specialist drones, DJI has assumed control over the market with its premium and stunningly planned drones made for each sort of client.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

DJI is continually coming out with new sporting and business drones with great visual imaging frameworks that can catch excellent pictures from the sky. However, while numerous business drones are either completely visual or totally warm, the Mavic 2 Enterpriseā€¦