Matrice 200 Series V2

The as of late delivered Matrice 200 is an ideal illustration of DJI's venture into new and different enterprises. While many drone producers are centered around minimal effort specialist drones, DJI has assumed control over the market with its premium and stunningly planned drones made for each sort of client.

Lets Explore DJI Matrice 200 V2 Features

Worked to Endure. Designed to Adapt.

A definitive stage for aeronautical profitability joins a tough plan and basic configurability to function as an answer for an assortment of mechanical applications. Upgrades to the M200 Series V2 improve canny control frameworks, flight execution, and add flight wellbeing and information security highlights.

Matrice 200 Series V2

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Compatible Payloads

  4. ZENMUSE Z30
  7. Third-Party Payloads

Intelligent Controls


New OcuSync 2.0 framework, which allows automatically a dual-frequency to extends flying range up t to 8kms


At the point when 3rd Party or numerous payloads are installed the user lients can rearrange the drone's focal point of gravity in the DJI Pilot application, upgrading flight execution and wellbeing.

Data Accuracy

The TimeSync framework continuously adjusts the flight regulator, camera, GPS module, RTK module for the M210 RTK V2, just as payloads & accessories

Discreet Mode

At the point when the circumstance calls for subtle drone activities, particularly around evening time, everything lights can be totally killed in the DJI Pilot application.

Secure & Safe

AES-256 Encryption

Safe and Scure your data encryption with the AES-256 transmission

Obstacle Avoidance

FlightAutonomy system detects and avoids different obstacles during flying

Anti-Collision Beacon

Installed with new top and base enemy of crash signals, the V2 drones are obvious around evening time or in lowlight conditions, making activity under ideal conditions more secure.

DJI AirSense

With an underlying ADS-B collector, the DJI AirSense innovation improves airspace wellbeing via naturally giving the administrator constant data about close by planes and helicopters.

Optional Accessories to Enhance Performance

Mainfold 2

The Manifold 2 is an incredible locally available PC that carries your drone activities to the edge. The Manifold 2 is expandable and effectively coordinates with DJI’s undertaking stages, making it the go-to PC for any client who needs to assemble redid self-governing drone arrangements.

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station For Matrice Series

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is DJI’s redesigned high-exactness GNSS recipient that upholds all major worldwide satellite route frameworks, giving continuous differential rectifications that create centimeter-level situating information for improved relative precision.

Upward Gimbal Connector

Associate any viable payload over your M210 V2 and M210 RTK V2 drones utilizing the upward gimbal to catch information from an alternate ethereal point of view.

External GPS Module

Upgrade situating precision by utilizing an outside GPS module, particularly when utilizing an upward gimbal on the M210 V2, or while appending installed gadgets or payloads.

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